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Voice-O-Matic v1.6 Maya Edition

Voice-O-Matic v1.6 Maya Edition
Voice-O-Matic v1.6
Available for Maya
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Need to make your characters talk but donít want to spend days or weeks doing it?

Voice-O-Matic 2

Voice-O-Matic (Maya Edition) is a powerful, easy-to-use plug-in which automates the lip synchronization process for your animated CG characters directly in Autodesk 3ds max. Simply feed a recorded audio file to Voice‑O‑Matic and it will automatically generate timing and lip position data for your characters.

Flexible is the one word which best describes Voice-O-Matic . No matter which type of character setup you wish to use : from shapes to complex bones-based rigs, and no matter the language for which you wish to create lip synchronization, Voice-O-Matic delivers.

Interested in trimming hours of work off your next talking character production?

Voice-O-Matic analyses the phonemes within an audio file and automatically creates standard keyframes, allowing animators to quickly tweak results. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use.

Voice-O-Matic (Maya Edition) is the best way to speed up the lip synchronization process for your CG characters in Autodesk 3ds max!


Key new features to v3 include:

* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2010
* 64-bit support
* Improved lip-sync quality
* Enhanced and updated user interface


With Voice-O-Matic, you get everything you need to do high-end Lip-Sync animation in 3ds max, this includes :

- a Plugin Wizard to guides you through the complete LipSync process in 5 easy steps !

- Complete phonetic support, use up to 40 different phonemes

- .lwv file support, use LISET from Microsoft to process the audio recognition

- Audible phoneme audio cues, hear the phonemes pronunciation

- Support most languages, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese and others

- Text input, for accurate syllabic recognition (only in English)

- Intelligent smoothing, to get better lip synchronization results

- Weight-able Visemes Intensity, easily set emphasis on any given Visemes

- Standard keys creation on Bezier controllers, so animations can be modified easily

- Custom tangents type, change the keyframe tangents type

- Full support of animation plugins like Morpher, Morph-O-Matic or Facial Studio

- MAXScript support

- Float Licensing, so you can share license(s) across your network.

- Batch Processing, VOMBatch exclusively available to VIP members


This new version supports Maya 2010 (32bit and 64bit), we also improved LWV audio file support.


Click to check out a Voice-O-Matic demo

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