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Cinematic Hits Sound Effects Bundle

Cinematic Hits Sound Effects Bundle has more than 400 Files and 1,900 Sounds on 1 DVD ROM and 1 CD ROM.

Our price: $279.00
Elements Cafe Combo

Elements Café Combo is more than 3,500 royalty free production elements available on either 10 Audio CDs or 1 DVD ROM – it’s your choice. The contents of all 10 Elements Café CDs is available here as one dynamic imaging elements collection. All your favorite elements are available here - choose exactly what you need from this outstanding set of: Music & Percussion Tracks 'n Grooves, IDs & Logos, Beds, Pads & Drones, Hits, Impacts & Stingers, Beeps, Bonks, Flutters, Shimmers, Zaps & Other Special FX, Lasers & Sci Fi, Whooshes, Communications & Electronics, Engines, Machines & Explosions, Accents, Punctuators, Stagers & Enhancers, Dissolves, Rewinds, Sweepers & Transitions, Sound Effects. Of course, the individual Elements Café CDs are still available to purchase separately or as this complete set – and in the DVD ROM version, all of the production elements are provided as 16 bit 44.1 K broadcast WAV files. The DVD disc also contains a fully functional SuperSearch catalog for the complete collection – Elements Café Audio Combo.

Our price: $695.00
Horses Sound Effects

Horse Sound Effects 2 DVD collection is your ultimate source for high-definition horse sound effects. It provides you with a huge variety of countless horse movements, including pass-bys of numerous gaits on a variety of surfaces. There are horses walking, trotting and galloping on everything from wood, concrete and stone to mud, dirt, gravel, grass and sand. Also included are foley sounds of riders mounting and dismounting, as well as bridle and saddle sounds.

Our price: $199.00
Production Elements Collection on Hard Drive

Production Elements Collection on Hard Drive from Sound Ideas pulls together more than 16,000 elements from our entire group of elements libraries that include the Elements Café, The Big Whoosh, Production Elements Toolkit and more - onto one easy to access hard drive. All of the broadcast WAV files on the drive have been embedded with metadata that is fully cross-referenced for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software so you can find the whooshes, sweeps, zaps, logos and ID Beds that you require. This is the perfect solution if you need a monster selection of royalty free production elements to fuel your on-air and production needs – Sound Ideas Production Elements Collection on Hard Drive.

Our price: $1995.00
Sci Fi DVD Combo Sound Effects Library

Sci Fi DVD Combo Sound Effects Library 3,295 Science Fiction Sound Effects on 3 DVD ROMs

Our price: $795.00
Sound Ideas DigiFx

Designed as an excellent starter package, the Digiffects FX Collection Sound Effects Library offers you the best from the huge Digiffects library of previously unreleased sound effects.

Our price: $129.00
Market price: $195.00 save 34%
Sound Ideas Larger Than Life 2

This collection of extreme sound effects features creatures & monsters, electrical arcs & zaps, explosions, gunfire & gun foley, thunder & lightning, horror & supernatural sounds, crashes, bangs, hits, creaks, rattles & debris ... and much, much more!

Our price: $249.00
Market price: $495.00 save 50%
Sound Ideas Tune Drive

We have pulled together another 50 great royalty free music CDs to create Tune Drive 2. With more than 2,000 music tracks, almost 50 hours of great production music and spanning 18 in-demand music categories, Tune Drive 2 includes both full and broadcast length royalty free music tracks all provided in 16 bit / 44.1 kHz broadcast wav file format, complete with metadata.

Our price: $899.00
Market price: $1795.00 save 50%
Sound Ideas Ultimate SFX Combo

Sound Ideas Ultimate Sound Effects Collection on Hard Drive is a complete royalty free sound effects and production element product line all in one box.

Our price: $8995.00
Market price: $12995.00 save 31%
Squeaks & Creaks Sound Effects

Squeaks & Creaks Sound Effects is 2 DVDs of 1,531 Friction-Driven Sound Effects

Our price: $295.00
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